14 March 2011
Hyperdrive is a british sci-fi comedy from 2006-2007 with Nick Frost as Commander Henderson. Although it has been getting somewhat lack luster reviews on Amazon, IMDB, and Netflix. I think it is awesome. It is a bastion of my unique appreciation of the world. One odd bit: I found that all sources have season 2 episodes 3 and 4 mixed up. I'm going to send out emails to the three companies listed above and see how long it takes them to change it.
So I've decided to add a field to my guest book to test the humanity of the user.
28 January 2011
Do you ever meet a crazy person and wonder what made him that way? And through the years you remember that perpetually bearded face and the temporal glimmer of drool and suddenly on the eve of forgetting the experience entirely you realize that it is now. This. That which you are now living is the reason for making lesser humanoids mad with the frustrations of the world.
So I've decided to add a field to my guest book to test the humanity of the user.
23 April 2010
I can no longer watch Lost. This show is ridiculous beyon appreciation. Here is an example of what I am talking about. I recorded the audiences reaction to a theatre screening here in town a couple weeks back.

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

24 March 2010
I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine at work. He told me that he was at the zoo and he was watching the cheetahs through the glass when this 90 lbs killing machine lunged at him. And he continued saying that he came face to face with his own survival instinct. The same instinct that causes intestine evacuation and sprinting. And he came to know for a fact what certain death looked like. It looked like a hooker's coat traveling 75mph straight for you with razor sharp claws rending your flesh. I began to argue the superiority of the human mind and the survivability of man vs cheetah. He wasn't having it. He kept iterating "razor sharp claws, no no no, razor sharp claws" and "it knows what to do, it goes right for your throat, thats what it does, that's all it does". He even demonstrated with his own hands what those fierce claws would look like coming at me. And I want to say that I wasn't scared but I was scared. I was talking a good game saying things like, "but a cheetah doesn't understand things that we understand such as doors and ladders. Find a door or a ladder and you'll be fine." Bottom line I think my door theory is great, IF there is a door within arm's reach and the cheetah is 100 feet away. I also believe that if you made a scary enough noise you could bluff your way out of it. So... carry a whistle. Sub-bottom line we need to run some tests. Get some cheetahs and put them in a warehouse with a cross section of the city population and watch and learn. Find the survivors and learn their secrets. This is necessary if we are to make it through the great cheetah revolution.